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Laneway Festival is proud to partner with Plus 1 in 2017 for the second year running. 

Plus 1 is a socially-focused organisation that connects artists, causes and music fans. Plus 1 partners with bands and events who make a $1 donation for every concert ticket sold, with 100% going to charity organisations making the most significant impact in the world. Through this initiative, upwards of $4 million has been raised for leading social justice organisations tackling issues from poverty and injustice to the environment by artists including Arcade Fire, The National, St. Vincent, CHVRCHES, Vampire Weekend, Flume and more.  

Laneway Festival’s chosen worthy causes for 2017 are Yiriman and Oxfam. Marika Anthony-Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Plus 1, says: 

"Last year, nearly $80k was raised through the simple act of music lovers buying tickets and coming out to Laneway. This partnership shows the tremendous power of collaboration between those dedicated to living their value systems. Together, we are creating transformative change, empowering the organizations working on the ground to deliver access and equity for all. I couldn't be more excited about Laneway, its incredible artists, and the continued impact we'll be able to make in 2017.”


Laneway Festival is proud to celebrate one of our local music heroes, Dean Turner, and honoured to be supporting the Yiriman Project in his name. 

Since 2011, you have raised over $157,000 which goes directly into programs devoted to helping Aboriginal youth in the Kimberley region (including a devastating suicide rate of 1 in 1,200) by taking them ‘back to Country’ in the company of their Elders, where they can begin to reconnect with their culture and strengthen their sense of identity. The Elders saw the need for a way in which youth could separate themselves from negative influences and, through the care and guidance of older generations, reconnect with their culture in remote and culturally significant places. This strategy of cultural healing from within the community has proven successful again and again in the 13 year history of the program and resulted in Yiriman winning the Reconciliation Australia 2012 Indigenous Governance Award (IGA) for outstanding examples of Indigenous governance in a non-incorporated initiative or project.

Clothing & goods donations can be sent directly to Yiriman:

Attn Janelle White
Great Northern Highway, Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
08 9191 5317 

For more information about the Dean Turner Project and Yiriman, click here.

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“...when I heard my baby cry for the first time, I was so relieved,”

Four-month-old Jalileh* was born in freezing conditions in the Iranian mountains close to the Turkish border. With their lives in danger, Jalileh’s parents left their home in Afghanistan. They made the treacherous journey towards Greece while Jalileh’s mother was heavily pregnant, trekking through knee-deep snow, rescued from a broken-down boat, and Jalileh’s father even spending time in prison for working illegally to buy them food.

Jalileh’s family is now living in Greece, where Oxfam is working to provide meals to families like hers and advocate for the rights of refugees.

Unfortunately, Jalileh’s story isn’t unique. Worldwide, more than 65 million people have been forced to flee their homes to be free from conflict, violence and persecution. This includes around half the Syrian population; almost five million of whom have left the country.

They’re ordinary people, parents like Jalileh’s, performing extraordinary acts in the hope of a better life for their families.

You can help families like Jalileh’s by purchasing a Laneway ticket. Every dollar counts in putting an end to this humanitarian crisis.

*name changed to protect identity

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