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Food & Bev



Established in 2009 as Australia’s first food truck, Beatbox kitchen has lead the revolution of Street food. Beatbox has built its reputation on high quality ingredients and commitment to its customers. Grass-fed beef, whole Portobello shroom burgers, fries and specialty sauces make up their simple but delicious offering. These are seriously fresh burgers.



Belle's Hot Chicken founder Morgan McGlone has two passions: natural wine and Nashville Hot Chicken. Having spent time as a young chef in France and Nashville, where both are beloved staples, he returned home to Australia in 2014 with a burning desire to bring hot chicken to the masses. McGlone set up shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne where Belle’s Hot Chicken is now a sizzling hot spot. At Laneway 2017 you’ll be treated to good food, wine and hip-hop played on vinyl.



Were you ever that kid at school who was too embarrassed to bring out your lunch? Boon Café were those kids. Now they’re a bit older they appreciate the value of their food heritage, and they’re dedicated to bringing you their version of a sandwich. From the makers of Chat Thai, you will find the comfort of familiar ingredients, combined in completely new ways with artisanal goods from the best local purveyors. If you've never had chilli-relish in a sandwich, neither had they! Boon Café liked it and thought you might too.



This year at Laneway, Get in the Q for ridiculously good, grass-fed meats, smoked low and slow over ironbark and pecan. With home-made everything, local produce and knowledge, they’re on to a good thing. Plus, Get in the Q’s 1952 GMC blue flame truck - affectionately named Bronson - is Australia's biggest Radar Hill smoker.



Happy as Larry is the brainchild of three Aussie mates with a steadfast vision to take pizza back to the streets where it originated, the streets. Committed to pushing the boundaries of the humble food truck while staying true to the heritage of traditional Napoli style wood-fired pizza, these Sydneysiders know how to make a good slice.



Now rated as one of Melbourne’s most popular eat spots, Juanita Peaches is the first permanent diner of well known Australian food truck pioneer, Raph Rashid. This brainchild is the combination of his three loves: Australian, Mexican and American foods, and now he is bringing it to Laneway. You can expect to see their signature Fried Chicken Sandwich being served up all day and night long.



When Mary’s opened in Newtown in 2013, lines formed, and have barely moved since. Now one of Sydney’s hottest joints, Mary’s is a no-frills experience - a short menu, loud music and plenty of booze. Bringing their brand of rock-n-roll food to Laneway 2017, punters can expect all the swagger and noise from the Newtown haunt, alongside the burgers and fried chicken that started it all.



The menu at Porteño comes straight from the imagination of culinary artists (and owners) Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz. While sporting an impressive meat, seafood and vegetarian menu selection - their carnivore dedicated selection are definite crowd favourites. The mouth watering Asado and Parilla are slow-cooked over 8-hours and freshly prepared on a traditional Argentinian barbeque. No one ever leaves Porteño hungry!



Kerby Craig—winner of six-consecutive Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide hats, found the inspiration for his latest passion-project in the street counter-culture of Tokyo. Armed with a deep respect for all things Japanese and a healthy obsession with perfection, his vision came when he discovered how to capture the essence of Umami —what the Japanese call the fifth taste sensation, in his food. The result is the UME Burger, a taste experience quite unlike any other, and seldom experienced in the western world. Finally someone has given the burger the respect it deserves.



Drinks 900x603

Get ready to welcome the Good Times Trailer Park to St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival! Swing by retro fun & good times at our cocktail trailers and have all your favourite bands in earshot. We’re gearing up for a long hot summer, so kick back with fresh Jameson Irish Whiskey and Absolut Vodka cocktails, chill with your mates and complete your festival experience.

Havana Club Rum is bringing a slice of Cuba to Laneway 2017 with fresh, authentic Cuban Mojitos and Cuba Libre cocktails. There’ll be a few surprises on the day so make sure to stop by!

For the first time, Le Petit Rosé garden will debut at Laneway exclusively in Melbourne and Sydney – come and enjoy some Mumm champagne, Lillet Rosé cocktails and most exciting, Frosé! This year Laneway will experience The Rosé Way!

Budweiser is back at Laneway Festival in 2017. The King Of Beers will add to the event experience by bringing a taste of iconic America to each city. Festival-goers will be loving a Bud can while catching this summer's best line up of live music.

Somersby is a premium European style cider made with fermented apple and pear juice and no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colourings to deliver a refreshingly crisp cider. At the heart of Somersby is the joy that come from sharing so look out for the Somersby Cider Bar at each festival location nationally, the perfect location to #sharesomersby with your friends at Laneway this summer.

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